Guest Appearances





Check out Sam’s latest interview with Josh King from WSOC TV. Here Sam discusses his love of Christmas and displays the latest pieces from his Santas and Snowmen collection.


Check out this link from to see more Santas and Snowmen!


Past Appearances

Sprint The Sprint Experience is a large mobile marketing display that travels weekly to tracks hosting NASCAR Sprint Cup races. Bass attends Question and Answer sessions with Miss Sprint Cup followed by autographs as often as his schedule allows. Bass enjoys speaking with fans, getting their perspective on things that are happening in the sport, and sharing his new creations with them. Most recently Sam visited the Sprint Experience twice during race weeks in May at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Miss_SprintCup_small   American Diabetes Association (ADA) Father of the Year Awards ceremony Bass was the guest speaker for the 2014 ADA Father of the Year Awards in Charlotte, NC on June 20th. He stunned guests when he spoke about his Type 1 diabetes diagnosis at the age of 31. He mentioned the complications he has faced since his diagnosis, including an amputation of his left leg below the knee 5 years ago and a severe blood infection, ( Sepsis ) , in February 2014 that almost took his life. In the moving speech, Bass promised that he would continue to help raise awareness and money to help his fellow diabetics. Father Of  Year Event 2014 Appalachian State Advertising Club On February 3rd Bass traveled to Boone, NC to speak with the Advertising Club at Appalachian State University. An event open to the public, Bass gave an inspiring presentation to those in attendance about his journey as an artist and had a meet and greet signing, offering the chance for attendees to speak with him personally. Many students in attendance described the event as uplifting to hear from someone who had created their own career and willing to share his positive story with emerging artistic professionals.   Interested in requesting a public appearance? Send the event, date, time, location, and your contact information to Carrie Cardinale at

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